Ege Efficiency Interface

C# Windows Forms Application - Menu


My goal is to create a fully customizable menu that will speed up productivity by providing shortcuts to the most used websites, programs, shortcuts, and tools the user may need.

Current Layout:


Install EgeEfficiencyInterface (Currently N/A)




To get started, download the program from the link above. Once installed, run "EgeEfficiencyInterface.exe" and you should see the following:


Once you've clicked the "Customize" button at the top right, each shortcut square will be given a textbox and 3 buttons as shown below.
This is what you will use to customize the images and actions of your shortcut buttons.



  1. Shortcut Action

    Method 1: Use Action button to search for program's .exe file

    Clicking Action will open a file dialog which can be used to navigate your directories for your desired image.

    Method 2: Simply type in a web address or .exe file-name

    For this to work, simply make sure you have the textbox selected and type in the address you want it to find.
    Note, this works best with web-pages and you may experience trouble when typing "program.exe"
    You can still do this, but the computer may not locate example.exe easily and will return an error as a result.

  2. Shortcut Image: (Default Image)


    Click button to select initial Image of shortcut.

    Once pressed, simply locate the image you desire and select it. This image will be used as the default image of the shortcut.

  3. Shortcut Image2: (On mouse-over)


    Click button to select Image2.

    Image 2 will be what the shortcut image changes to when the mouse hovers over it
    I have kept it as the original image with a red border to make it clear what I'm about to press.