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Infinity Mirror

The infinity mirror is made up of two mirrors. One of which is a two-way mirror allowing the light to reflect back through to give the desired effect.

Build Materials:
- Frame: $5 at goodwill.
- Glass: $5 at goodwill.
- Individually Addressable Ws2812b LED Strip: Amazon - $20
- ESP8266 NodeMCU Board: $8 Amazon.
- The infinity mirror connects to my local area network and uses code to pose as a wemo device. I have it connected to my alexa and can control the color with my voice.

ESP 8266 NodeMCU Board

My name is Alexander Ege. I am a Computer Engineer from Chicago, Illinois. I attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale, where I earned my bachelors' of Science in Computer Engineering. After graduating in December of 2015, I began working as a Technical Rotation Associate for Trend Micro.

My role at Trend Micro had me working alongside the following positions:

CSE: Customer Support Engineer
- Provided technical support to ensure prompt problem resolution.
SE: Sales Engineer
- Provided customers with an in-depth look at what products and packages were offered. Assessed customer's environmental needs and tailored a trial installation to match their environment.
FSE: Field Service Engineer
- Worked both on-site and remotely to perform product installations for customers following best practices.
CSM: Customer Support Manager:
- Maintained healthy relationship with customers to ensure product installations, sales, and bugs were worked out in a timely fashion by the appropriate team.

Every two months I would rotate into a new position where I would take on the roles and responsibilities associated with each position within the company. This gave me an insider look as to how the many departments communicated. I witnessed first hand how these roles operated and was expected to perform the task by myself by the end of the two month period.