Ege Efficiency Interface

This is a personal project of mine that I have been working on for quite some time. It started as a Windows Forms application which I recently upgraded to the Windows Performance Foundation system. The goal of this project is to increase my productivity and simplify my work flow. My goal with this project is to create a custom user interface that allows me to run programs, access shortcuts, and quickly navigate locations on my computer with ease. It is currently still a work in progress.

How it works

Shortcuts Calendar Notes Customize

- Shortcuts Menu Page -

This shortcut menu has 30 individual customizable shortcut buttons.

Each shortcut button has two options. Either left click to enable its programmed function, or right click to open its edit menu. Selecting edit will open the following window:

At the top you will see a picture preview of what image is set to display on the shortcut button.
Below that are two textboxes(blue) and two buttons(black). The first textbox displays the source path of the image displayed.
The second textbox displays the function associated with the shortcut button.

The EditFunction button works as follows: If the textbox is empty, clicking "Edit Function" will open a file dialog box and you can navigate to your desired .exe file.If you simply want to have the button navigate to a desired webpage or file location, simply type it in and close the window to save.

Example 1 - Webpage:
Example 2 - Shortcut: "C:\"

- Calendar Page -

This portion of the program is an interactive calendar. Clicking on a day will open a new window displaying everything in the textbox making reading/adding notes easier.The day of the week at the top will turn yellow depending on what day of the week it is.

- Notes Page -

The notes page is very simple. It consists of three textboxes you can write thigns down in.
Each list title is customizable.

- Customization Page -
(needs work)

Customization page will let the user edit the opacity of the menu as well as change the color of the background/foreground/border/etc.